Why MusicMatters?

MusicMatters has a national network of local recording professionals that can assist any organization on site with the creation, marketing and selling of personal CDs or Videos. Whether you are a church, school, marching band or choir, MusicMatters can help you to quickly and professionally raise awareness and money for your organization. We look forward to helping you produce a high quality recording that willpromote your music in the community and be a lifelong keepsake for your members
and patrons. Call toll free 1-866-237-3678 today. We'll tell you all about the program.

Music Matters can help your group to:

1. Simply and easily develop your very own professionally recorded CD or Video

2. Quickly realize your fundraising objectives

3. Produce a great gift for your friends, family and schoolmates

4. Have more fun and excitement working toward your next recorded event

5. Sell a product that everyone has helped to make and produce

6. Celebrate and capture your organizations hard work

7. Raise money with no hidden fees or inventory to buy

8. Build awareness and respect through your recorded work

9. Do what you do best. While we handle recording, production, and shipping

10. Feel completely satisfied. We have a 100% guarantee

11. Instantly record your songs and have them preserved for a lifetime

MuiscMatters helps organizers to:

1. Develop a portfolio of original works

2. Give kids something to work and practice towards

3. Create a lifetime keepsake for your students and their families

4. Keep your group excited and motivated

5. Give your students something they will always remember

6. Build support for your concerts and events in the community

7. Finance your program and activities

8. Develop a new and exciting program that generates community spirit

9. Enhance the image of your music department as well as the self-esteem of your students.
Enter contests and auditions for conferences, etc.