Organizer Instructions


1. Make sure a date and time has been arranged with MusicMatters so we can have an expert technician at your event or concert. Our Technician will call several days berfore the event to confirm the exact location. He will also want to make sure that he has the proper equipment based on the student size and venue of your event.

2. You can now "pre-reserve" a recording date which we'll hold open pending your group's decision. By pre-reserving a recording date now you are guaranteeing the best possible recording dates for your group. You can pre-reserve up to 2 photo dates without obligation. To pre-reserve your Photo Date: (click here)


1. Get approval for your sale and share this material with any decisionmakers. Then, set a timeline and appoint people to help run the sale of your recordings to coincide with your musical event. Most groups prefer to collect orders two weeks before their live recording and two weeks after their event. For larger groups, consider having section leaders at each grade level to help organize the pre-sale of your musical CD's

2. Special literature is prepared so you collect orders the day of your event. This is by far one of the best opportunities you'll have to sell to individuals who are already interested and supportive of your program. A booth and table should be set up at the entrance to your school or church auditorium. Don't forget to announce the sales at the event itself before it starts and at it's conclusion.

3. Have a kickoff event or meeting to set goals and get excited. Begin to advertise the sale of your recordings as well as your musical event by hanging posters, displaying an album cover (If it is already designed), press releases, and announcing your goals over the school PA or at sporting events or school activities.


1. Hand out order forms to each member along with a letter to the parents explaining your musical event, goals and reasons for the sale. Please review the instructions on the Order Form with your sellers. Instruct each seller to collect payment with the order and have checks made payable to your group, not to MusicMatters.

2. Review the individual bonus program on the Order Form and set individual goals.

3. Sellers should sell to only people they know, at school, home or parent's work.

4. Make sure sellers are aware of your order timeline - 2 to 3 weeks is sufficient - and set a date to turn in seller order forms and money collected.


1. Collect all order forms and money, checking to see that each seller has collected the correct amount for their orders. Record this information on your Recording Worksheet.

2. Fill out one Recording Worksheet and calculate your 50% Deposit Due. Please send one check made payable to " MusicMatters " with your order. Keep the remaining amount! We will calculate your actual profit and send an additional Profit Check or bill at the end of your sale.

3. To separate order by class or grade, simply band each section together. The section name should be listed in the "Homeroom" box on the seller's Order Forms. A section must have at least 10 members.

4. Send your order to us following the directions right on the Recording Worksheet! Please be aware of deadlines before the winter holidays and the end of your school year.


1. After the recording session we will produce beautiful, studio quality master CD's or Video's for final presentation.

2. We will deliver your order to you within 15 business days of your recording, separated by homeroom- depending on order size, with all original order forms enclosed. If you include your e-mail address, we will update your order status for you on-line, including shipment tracking-numbers.

3. There is always renewed enthusiasm once you receive your order! Don't let these easy sales slip away. Feel free to request more supplies on your Group Order Form or simply call Customer Service at 1-866-237-3678 (spelled out it reads 1-866-CDS FOR U) 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday, EST or 1Oam-3pm EST Saturday.